Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Wish I Cannot Grant pt.2

Like I said in the previous post, Lil' Country wants me to be father to her and husband to Go-Go. And apparently this little girl is determined.

I spoke with Go-Go a few weeks ago about things and she relayed a recent conversation she had with LC. It's become apparent that this little girl is determined to get her mother and myself married. Apparently a guy callled the house looking for Go-Go and LC answered the phone. This little seven year starts to drill this grown man about what are his intentions with her mother. In the end she finally tells the guy that her mother cannot see him because she is getting married to another person. That other person being me.

Go-Go is upset and I am ofcourse laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. Go-Go is now a little upset with me because I laughed at the notion of getting married. She then tells me in a round about way that she does love a little more than just a best friend but understands that I am in NY and that this is just a fantasy that she is having and could never come true.

As flattered as I am, I can't marry Go-Go. We have been friends far too long and been through too much together. Marriage would ultimately ruin us. I love her to death but as a best friend and nothing more. There are people out there that would say if she is your best friend then it would be a perfect life partner.

Negroes please......stop watching Oprah and Tyra and get back to reality.

Besides I need to get married and divorced from Tiffany first before I can consider marrying anybody. And even then my second wife would be Tiff's best friend because she would be consoling me after the divorce. So as you can see I am quite busy with my marriage plans.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tiffany's Diamond

Date: March 1,2007

I have landed in Charlotte for the CIAA Tournament. Hanging with my homegirl Tiffany and the Get Fresh Crew. Guess what??!?!? I have found my second wife. It's one of Tiffany's friends, Er'body. Er'body literally knows everybody. If I remember correctly she is a flight attendant by day but in the evening she is trying to get her party promotion business up and going. Every party we went to Er'body knew somebody and the party. But this story isn't about Er'body. It's about Tiffany and the diamond that she wants.

Tiffany has a son that will be going away to school soon and I guess you can sorta say she is having a empty nest syndrome. Though her son has lived with her parent's all his life she has still stayed very active in his life. More than some parents that actually are in the same household as their children. Her family support system is such a strong one that she was able to get her diploma, bachelor's and masters degree. The downside would be that she was not able to spend everyday watching her son grow into the well adjusted fine young man that he is today.

I had a conversation with her about children. She wants another child (a girl I believe but don't hold me to that) but in order to do that would like to be re-married but if she wasn't married she would at least like to have a special "connection" with the father of her child. I sat there and listen very carefully to her as I always try to do. As I stated before Tiffany is my "One" and it does bother me when things don't work out for her when she more than deserves it.

Call it love, call it sheer stupidity but for more than a brief second I was about to open mouth and ask if she would ever consider to have my child.

WTF ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

I know, I know, I know. As I am typing this right now I am texting her to tell her that this story is about her. She probably will not speak to me for awhile after this one which is understandable. But fuck it I am being honest. I know this completely contradicts the previous story "Disconnected aka Losin that Good Feelin' which points out how out of wack my head is.

I didn't open my mouth blurt out what I was thinking. And up until now she knows nothing about what was going through my head. We are just really good friends(seriously) and love her too much to put her through my bullshit. But if circumstances were different, I'd everything in my power and try to give Tiffany the perfect diamond that I know she wants....a little girl.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Wish I Cannot Grant

This past Easter I was in MD and my friend Go-Go and her daughter lil' Country came up from Columbia, SC to visit. Lil' Country is seven her years old and is my god daughter. Because of my busy work schedule I have been only been able to see them 3 times. Once in VA at my college roommates wedding, another time in Columbia at my sister's graduation to med school and the most recent time at my mother's place in MD.

LC is a smart little girl and was at one point at the top of her class in school but lately she has been slipping. More than likely it is due to the recent change in her life. The change being that she is no longer living with her father Dumbass. GoGo met Dumbass when she was living in Louisiana. That union brought LC into the world. GoGo moves to South Carolina and Dumbass follows. Now I thought Dumbass was a noble dude initially because he followed GoGo to SC and got two jobs so that he could support the addition to his family. Looking back on it now it seems that he was looking for a way to get out of Louisiana.

So I was having a conversation with GoGo about being away from Dumbass and she was telling me that she feels so much better and that she should have left a long time ago but only stayed for her daughter. It was at that point that GoGo told me about a conversation she had most recently with LC. LC had asked GoGo " Momma who are your best friends?" GoGo responds reponds with a list of people that included myself. LC then asks" Momma who is your favorite out of that group?". GoGo replies "Mr. Venom is". LC then asks her mother why she and Mr. Venom didn't get married? GoGo then tells LC that she was engaged to someone else when Venom met her and that GoGo and Venom are just friends and nothing more. GoGo then asks why does LC want Mr. Venom to marry her (GoGo). LC response " Because momma, he makes you smile." GoGo then asks "What about Daddy?" LC's response "What about him?"

This shocks GoGo. It shocks her because her daughter wants her momma to marry a man who she (LC) has only met three times in her entire seven years. Dumbass is her biological father. He's been in the household and he absolutely no relationship with his own daughter. GoGo tells me that Lil' Country wants Mr. Venom to be her daddy. I couldn't believe it and to hear it stills floors me. I have been told that I have always been good with kids but damn to make an impression like that on a child who has and knows who her father is is mind blowing.

GoGo did have a discussion on why I cannot be LC's father but there is a second part to this conversation. A part that GoGo did not have the courage at the time to tell me face to face. As soon as I find out what that is I'll let you people.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Disconnected aka Losin That Good Feelin'

Bless me Father for I have sinned.

It's been uhhhh.....Shit, its been a long time since I last posted.

People don't ask me about the last story Red Dot because there is no story that I can really tell. Nothing went down between us and that's a good thing one because I wasn't looking for that she and two she is a BROKEN PIGEON WING !!!!! (what up Slish !!!!!!)

This story is about a recent trip I made to MD to see my mom over this past weekend. I was away in Cali the week prior on a business trip for the bank that I work for. During that trip I was having some email correspondence with Dr. Feelgood and she commented on looking forward to seeing me Easter weekend. With a puzzled look on my face I replied " Are you trying to tell me something that I don't know?" Her response was that since I am traveling to MD I have to pass through Delaware and since I have to pass through, I can surely make a pit stop to come see her.

Now I know I told this woman that I would try to stop by but I can't be sure because I have to meet my god-daughter and her mom at my mother's house by noon that Saturday. I couldn't ask my mom to greet these people since she does have a life of her own.

I get to MD unscathed and without stopping at Feelgood's place. No more than 20 minutes after getting through the door my mother starts peppering me with questions. The last and final question is about how are things with Feelgood and I. I give the same non-committal answer that I always give and try to move on from this conversation. Always the ever loving (nosey) mom, she then asks me if I want to get married and have children. My response....." I have god children and no desire to get married".

It was at that point that I saw a pained look on my mother's face and I think I heard her heart breaking. My mom wants me to have children so badly that it i think it personally hurts her when I say I am not looking to have any kids or get married. It all goes back to the break up I had with my ex a little over two years ago. Once out of that relationship my priorities shifted. No longer I was thinking about getting married and having kids. I have nothing against kids or the institution of marriage.

But I feel it's just not for me.

That little clock inside of me no longer works. And there hasn't been a woman that I have been intimately involved with that has the right key to get it going again. I have calmed down ALOT from when I first started blogging but you can still find a little poison in my bite if provoked, but I must digress and get back to the second part of this story.....Losin' that good feelin'.

It was apparent that Dr. Feelgood didn't like that fact that I didn't stop by coming or leaving from MD. She was so upset that she turned off her cell phone so she didn't have to speak to me. Now I do have her house number but I didn't bother calling it because frankly, I wasn't in the mood to listen to her words about " How we hardly see each other and I should have made more effort to stop by". I left for MD on Friday to meet up with friends and I returned to NY on Monday to only miss a doctor's appointment that was already re-scheduled.

When we finally did speak on Tuesday evening she was expressing how disappointed she was and how she needs to re-evaluate some things. I asked her what she was expecting from this relationship? She didn't want to answer because she didn't want to put her foot in her mouth. Now in my experience when you hear a comment like that you can pretty much assume that the next thing to fall is that "Venom...I don't think we should see each other anymore..." What makes it worse is that I strongly believe that it would not hurt or faze me in anyway. I know Dr. Feelgood loves me. I've heard her say it. Albeit it's only in the throws of passion when the walls are shaking but nonetheless I heard her.....on more than one occasion. I do care for Feelgood but honestly my response to her declaration has always been.........................(silence).


Well Dr. Feelgood doesn't want to stop seeing me but sooner or latter I will either have to shit or get off the pot.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Red Dot

No I am not talking about a broad on her period. I am talking about a girl that I work with.

Red Dot is Indian if you couldn't tell. She's originally from Midwest and did her Master's work at UNC-Charlotte. She likes to drink a lot and hang out with the fellas afterwork. Which means sooner or later she is find herself bent over a couch with her Secret's around her ankles, bra lacerations around her neck and a thumb in her ass.

I am not saying that I would do it but if somebody else does it I'll be on the sideline monitoring the situation. Ya know trying to acquire the video rights. So we go to this new spot in the city called the Tropicana Zone where you can view a bevy of beauties in bikinis. As I heard from my man Ratt some of these ladies are vying for a spot in the Hawaiian Tropic contest but with these harsh lights I doubt that they can make it. Brights lights combine with a touch a cellulite is not a good look. But that's not what this story is about.

Red Dot has taken a certain liking to Venom. Whether it's speech, swagger or both. I can't quite tell. I know she has been looking at my ass due to a recent comment she made. Red Dot asked me if I lost weight because my pants looked bunched up in the back. The first reaction was a uncomfortable silence because we were still at work. The second was a response " Thank you".

Now back in high school I was unofficially voted of having one best asses. Which still remains still true to this day. Ask either Blah Blah Blah or that Batty Boy Slish and they will confirm it. SO back at Tropicana Zone we are chatting away and she is telling about the Ohio State vs. Michigan and she is telling about how Ohio is going to win and from there go to the Fiesta Bowl. I get it into my head that there is a bet waiting to be made.

So we make a bet for dinner. And as you can guess the loser has to pay. So I am hoping that Ohio loses because Red Dot has some expensive ass taste.

Check back for part two in a few for the second installment to see if the red dot becomes brown.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tell Me Something Good

So it's Thursday July 20th and Dr. Feelgood is in town (Brooklyn) as a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding.

This is the first time that I see her in NY so ofcourse I am going to make the effort to be where she is at. Friday comes and I am ready to leave and see Feelgood. But first I make a pit stop to Dewey's to catch Roxanne, Roxanne and her friends for a sexy single mixer/networking function.

I bring along Shabba and Cutty with me from the job to join the festivities. At least half the women are attached to somebody and the only girl that is showing any rhythm is a thick tongue chick with tattoo in her titty that looks like a strawberry. So the crew has this girl surrounded like a bunch of great whites with blood in the water and Slish's cousin , Baby D, and her crew are taking bets on who is going to get her number. I can't say that I won but Strawberry does have my number.

The night at Dewey's ends, Roxanne and the Juice Crew are heading to the 40/40 club and I get the call that I am waiting for from Feelgood. She is in Queens and just got her hair finished for the wedding on Saturday and is ready to go out. I check the Di-Lithium crystals in my starship and go Warp 5 to her hotel. The plan for the night, is a spot in the Village on 199 Bowery. It is a rare occasion that I am dressed appropriately and Feelgood is making me look good. So we entered the spot along with the Carib crew she rolls with and choose the VIP section. Pretty much we were comp the cover as long as we bought a bottle.

After making nice with the waitress we got our drinks and our dance on. I am already lit from Dewey's and adding this champagne to the mix has me skating like Lupe Fiasco. Reggae hits the speakers and Feelgood and Venom hit the floor. Things are good and I am definitely enjoying the company. We finally leave at 3am and we get back to her room by 4.

I am crazy tired so while Feelgood gets ready for bed I doze off and awake to Feelgood next to me. I get up and do my business in the bathroom and climb back into bed. Things after that sped up to a point where, well let's just say that it gave us both something to think about in future encounters.

I'll put it to you this way, if you red the last story about Feelgood you know that I had to think about something to keep my imagination in check. There was no need for that this time around

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Get Your Freak On

Okay so you all know in my previous story, Young, Dumb and Full of Cum, that my evening was ruined by a fight.

I shared an interesting tidbit of information with FatDave and BamBam about a girl I used to date called Red Kryptonite during that same night. I would provide the link to the previous stories about Red however, I too lazy to figure it out so just go back to January and read about it.

Fat Dave and Bam Bam asked if me and Red ever did the do. I laughed about it and said what any red blooded nukka would. "Dawg I banged it like a screen door in a hurricane......bang bang bang bang....But you know she has a kinda odd fetish". This ofcourse piqued their interest. I proceeded to tell them that Red Kryptonite likes to be choked while she's having sex.

Their mouths dropped when I said that.

" Yeah man, she likes to be choked while she's having sex". Now I was about to tell them which hand I used when I was choking her but the "ladies" had arrived and I had suddenly became distracted. Now I bring this topic up because this is the first time I ever ran into somebody like this. You hear about people who like golden showers, being vomited on or shitted on, or slapped around and etc. But to actually be involved in this is quite an experience.

I have no clue what the conversation was that made her tell me this. How would you say something like this (a fetish) to a person " Yeah girl after dessert why don't we go back to my place and you grease that 3 inch heel and shove it in my ass".

Y'all may laugh but seriously, some woman like to get their asses smacked while having sex. Others like when their hair is pulled. There are some that like a little biting action, not enough to draw blood but enough to leave a DNA print.

Short of killing someone, what is going to far when it comes to sex?

Is it all fair game or do you have a line that you will not cross?

So which one of you bloggers out there is willing to share with us what is too far? I wouldn't vomit, piss, or shit on anybody no matter what. Besides I have horrible eating habits which at times includes a lot of corn. LOL